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911SC 1980 Replacement Bilstein shocks


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Hi all,

I'm after a set of replacement rear shocks and front inserts for bilstein struts. The Bilstein B6 shocks seem to be quite readily available from various sellers however the B8's not so. I'm leaning towards the B8's at this stage as I understand these are a shorter version of the B6 as my car is lowered but not sure if it's worth going down the B8 route. Looking for opinions and or recommendations please.

Thank you.


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I have a 3.2 Carrera and replaced my rear shocks last year. They were Bilstein B46-0975 which I think are the sports ones and stiffer than the green HD's. Not sure how that works with the new B6 / B8 numbers. I also did the front inserts but they will be different to yours as I had boge struts and put Bilstein inserts into them. Very happy with the results. 

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