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Carpet Kit / Material Suppliers


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G’Day Guys,

can anyone recommend suppliers of carpet kits for a 74 911?

Hoping for something clean and simple like the attached.

Also chasing some material for seat cushions similar to the seat in the last image if anyone knows a supplier  







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16 minutes ago, R33dy said:

I recently purchased a carpet kit from www.lakewell.com. Haven't had a chance to fit it yet but the quality looks good.  

What colour did you go with? 
I’d be leaning towards their Grey Beige, but there doesn’t seem to be any images of it on their site. 

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3 hours ago, mrar said:

Make sure you check it all out and compare with what you have in existing car.

My car took longer than expected to get to carpet stage, opened kit when first arrived, yep all there but didn't compare mats with old as were at a different location.

See what they sent me (lakewell).

When I contacted them a year or so later and showed them the images of their mistake, no go with replacing correct mats (think these are 993 or something.) Wanted to charge me plenty for their fukup.

Used them before the carpet purchase , but never again...very poor customer service.





Sorry to hear. That’s pretty poor service. 

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