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4-pot front calipers for 924 Turbo oem front end


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Hi all. Making progress on my 924 Turbo 'restoration'.  The car is going in for painting start of next week. New carpets all installed. Replacement engine procured awaiting rebuild. 8" and 7"  16" D90's purchased to run about 215 front and 235 rear. Carrera GT body kit purchased.

Now preplanning and turning my thoughts to brakes.

Is there anyone on this group who is a brake bloke?  My 924 Turbo has the 'small' 31.7 spindles, 282mm diameter front rotors with ‘hats’ about 15mm high and 52.3mm offset. The car from which my new engine came from had been dynoed at 250 rwhp and the brakes were said to be lacking. I do not want to change to a different front end. But i think i do want 4 pot calipers on the oem rotors - to fit inside 16” D90’s.  Looking at wilwood caliper options. Nothing obvious. All help / knowledge appreciated. Must be something that will suit, with appropriate adapters?


Cheers all


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