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Bluetooth Car Kit for Porche

Bluetooth Car kit for Porche  

  1. 1. Where can I find a bluetooth car kit for Porche

    • please check web site http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Porche-with-PCM-2-or-2-1-Bluetooth-Car-Kit-Viseeo-MOSTO_W0QQitemZ110517149047QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_MobilePhoneAccessories?hash=item19bb55dd77

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Viseeo Bluetooth Car Kit Porsche with PCM 2 and 2.1

1 year warranty

Factory style retrofit Bluetooth® hands-free car kit with A2DP Music streaming

When you get into your car and start the engine, the ViseeO Bluetooth® Car Kit immediately connects to your mobile phone. ViseeO MOSTO is a factory style Bluetooth hands free kit for your prized Porsche car with PCM system. Based on the advanced Multimedia Oriented System Transport (MOST) technology. MOSTO fits well in your car and integrates with the car computer, steering wheel buttons, radio keypad and the PCM central control unit. MOSTO also allows you to listen to music you have stored in your mobile phone.

Use the PCM keypad to display the Phone menu and follow the on screen instructions to make a phone call. Displays phonebook contacts, calls recieved, dialled numbers, missed calls etc. You may also use the steering wheel controls if you have them to access the phone menu.

Installation is totally invisibile - just like a factory fitted solution.

You can also play digital music stored in the phone memory card wirelessly using A2DP and AVRCP technology. Compatible with major phones on the market including: Nokia, Nokia N/E series, Sony Ericsson, iPhone 3G/3GS, HTC, Blackberry and many more.

Using the Car Kit

Use the PCM controls next to the screen to access the phone menu. You may also use the steering wheel controls for quick access if you have them.

Phone menu and information is displayed on the multi-function PCM screen.

Main Features of ViseeO Porsche PCM car kit

• Answer/Dial/Re-Dial/Missed Calls

• Uses the car speakers and multi-function screen

• Discreet installation

• Volume control

Advance Features of ViseeO PCM car kit

• Displays phonebook on PCM screen

• Multiple language support

• Automatic Phonebook Sync

• Play digital music stored in the phone memory

• Multi-user, pairing upto four phones

• Software & firmware upgrade via Bluetooth or USB

Updating the software in your MOSTO

The car kit software can be updated using Bluetooth or USB to support the latest mobile phones in the future.


Porsche PCM Systems. Works with PCM 2 and PCM 2.1. It does not work with the current PCM 3 systems found in Porsche from 2009 onwards.

Please ask us for an Installation Quote (EBAY PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE INSTALLATION)


All our installations are non damaging and include the latest components made for your specific make, model and variant of vehicle. This ensures your vehicles aesthetic qualities and resale value is protected.

Installation is totally invisible including the microphone - just like a factory fitted solution.

Please contact us on bestonlineebay@gmail.com for an installation quote.

Please let us know your car make and model and your location and will be more than happy to assist you.

If you want your local service center to install it for you , the product comes with full installation manuals.

Are you interested in becoming a dealer?

Please send us an email to bestonlineebay@gmail.com

MO-S1-B (Benz & Porsche) - Content

1.Junction Box

2.MOST Optical Fiber Cable

3.Power Cable


5.Fuse Set

6.Upgrade Cable

7.Manual Instruction



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