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F/S Soft Top

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This is a brand new aftermarket Porsche part, still in its original packaging.

It is highly manufactured product that will fit all 97-02 986 BOXSTER/BOXSTER models.


Haartz cloth topping materials are constructed using a “three-ply” method that has an acrylic or polyester/acrylic exterior (the “face”) and a cloth lining (the “backing”). Twill weave facing Material Twillfast II/TWF II has acrylic face and polyester/cotton backing. Backing is black and has a Dobby (crosshatch) pattern. These materials are combined using an elastomeric or rubber film that is sandwiched between them. This provides waterproofing and gives the material its “stretch”. Increasing the thickness of the rubber film will reduce the amount of noise in the vehicle interior. These thicker toppings are referred to as “Acoustic” and are becoming standard on most new cars.

Fitting this part is a very difficult job and should only be carried out by a motor trimmer who is very experience in Porsche Soft Tops.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through this forum.


PS Buy it now price is 1.399$ also can recommend Car Interior Plus who can fit this part for you.


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