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Buying from the UK


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Hi All

I am looking to buy a new Boxster S and have just started looking at my options. I have just received a quote from my local dealer for $142,000 drive away in QLD. However, for the same car I have a quote of £43,000.00 GBP (current exchange rate that is about $70,000). Big difference.

Even with shipping, insurance, import duty, LCT, GST, I estimate this to be about $30,000. Still a massive saving.

Seems too easy, am I missing something?

Does anyone know of a company that specializes in importing Porsches from the UK?


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Hi mark,

check importing cars from the government. I think that you have had to have been in the UK for at least 12 months and owned the car for that time, thus being a personal import, other than that you can check out importing a car through google I dont think you can just get a grey import that easily I was just looking and just cant seem to find a way do do it, although I did not want a new car.


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