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Hi Peter,

Did you end up buying new wheels? I have the exact same situatiuon. 993 turbo that needs a new set of track day wheels/tyres. I heard Toyo888 work well.

Hi, I need some advice on tyre sizes for my car.... any gurus out there?

I have a 1996 993 turbo and I have bought a set of RH Cup (993 GT2-look) wheels, designed spcifically for the 993 turbo.

Front: 9J x 18 ET52 - 10 inches rim-edge to rim-edge , Rear: 11J x 18 ET40 - more than 12 inches (31cm) rim-edge to rim edge.

As you may know, 993 turbo Original Equipment wheel & tyre details are as follows:

Front: 8J x 18 ET52 with 225-40-18 , Rear: 10J x 18 ET40 with 285-30-18

I have 3 questions:

1. What is the maximum width of tyre (front & rear) that I can fit on these wheels, on my unmodified car - obviously without clearance issues?

2. Could changing from the abovementioned standard tyre sizes cause issues with the 4wd system of my car (different front:rear circumference ratio)?

3. Given the answers to the above questions, what tyre sizes would you recommend I fit on these wheels?

Thank you,


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