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Challenge Bathurst V2


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So I was fortunate enough to get talked into this event by Snowman. Not a particularly difficult sell. But it was a fair undertaking to come from Perth. But in my view it was a bucket list items to drive that track, and the opportunities to do it in your own car outside of entering door to door racing are few and far between. Sooooo, over I went with some much appreciated logistics help from the Snowman once on the ground in Vic. 


I would echo all of Snowies comments re the organisation of the event. It was very well run. The circuit itself is epic. It was complete sensory overload on the first session as the reality of lapping Bathurst was hitting home while winding through the concrete walls and cresting Skyline and descending through the dipper. Seen so many times from in car footage during coverage of major races. 


The vide below is a segment of one of my sessions. Sadly no telemetry like Snowman. Managed to get down to a 2.30.3. Was hunting a 2.29 but broke a rocker on the last day which robbed me of my last 2 sessions. Definitely have unfinished business there. 

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