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997.2 Air Intake Sound Modification


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I saw there was a very simple modification to the air intake of 997.1 Carreras that gave an awesome (to my ears) racecar-like sound. Basically they just blocked the Helmholtz resonator which muffled the intake noise especially at certain sound frequencies, and for added points put in a high-flow aftermarket intake filter. The Fabspeed Cold Air Upgrade Kit was one product that did this: 

You can hear the sound this modification produced for 997.1 cars in these videos: 

(skip to 4:00 minute mark for the engine sound)

(skip to 4:40 mark for the engine sound & discussion) 

My question is whether there is an air intake upgrade or hack that will deliver a similar engine sound for the 997.2 Carrera S ? 

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I did the  Helmholtz resonator  mod on my 997.1 s when I first got the car ,, does make some more intake noise but that,s it ,,,the Fabspeed intake is crap ,,,commonly known as a hot air intake on most forums ,makes heaps of intake noise and great dyno figures when your blowing cold air into it on a dyno ,for real world driving not worth the money and your just sucking in hot air from the engine compartment the factory set up is sealed and works very well taking in outside air ..,,,,,,,,,,, The best mod that I did was  fister D mod on the mufflers was the easiest and best value for money mod ,,,,,,,,,,now all I hear is a sweet flat six howl coming from the rear of the car ...........Fister D is the  best value for money mod in my opinion , makes a 997 sound like a proper 911 ,,many you tube videos on this mod ... :D


Stock 997 muffler 


Fister D mod




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Similar process as ^^ "Raven" ^^  that I went through.Removed the res,installed then ditched the silicone (Fab speed clone) and went with the gundo hack. (similar to Fister D mod) 

Could not be happier with the results. 

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