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911 SC door handle repair

Stew F

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Recently the trigger on my driver's side door handle broke. They are made of magnesium, and over time, the magnesium goes brittle.  You can get replacement aluminium triggers from overseas for the paltry sum of US$75 plus freight. So that's AUD 93, plus 21 dollars freight. So I got a complete handle assembly from a fellow PFA member for $100.

I stripped out the parts I needed to repair my handle. The new one is obviously designed for central locking because it has a contact block and single wire on the lock barrel housing. 964? When I pulled my handle apart to swap the parts over I found that internally, there is a significant difference between the two actuator rods and trigger ends. The older one has an actuator rod with a fixed round end that rides on the end of the trigger. The later one has a thread on the actuator rod, with an adjustable block.  On the other end of the later rod is a hexagon of about 3mm AF. Why, I'm not sure. The early rod is just cylindrical along it's entire length. Also, the stud securing the trigger sub-assembly on the early one unscrews from the handle whereas the later one the stud is captive in the handle.

So the changeover is easy, except for this little issue. You can use the early trigger with the later actuator rod, but you can't use the early actuator rod with the later trigger.  Fortunately, it appears, all of the replacement triggers available are the early style.

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