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Sold: Automotion 930 Turbo Tail with factory rubber lip and steel engine lid - also fits 3.2 Carrera, 911SC etc

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This is an Automotion 930 Turbo tail base with genuine Porsche 930 upper rubber lip, on a factory steel engine lid.

I bought the Automotion fibreglass tail base brand new and the genuine Porsche upper rubber lip brand new, from Automotion in Sunnyvale California. The tail was then attached to a factory steel 911 engine lid.

The engine lid and tail base are painted in primer.

genuine Porsche rubber lip is in excellent condition - I had the tail mounted briefly to my car for a few weeks to get a feel for how much the tail would improve the handling, and I could definitely feel the difference, especially at higher speeds - the rear of the car feels a lot more planted.

The tail is mounted to a 3.2 Carrera / SC engine lid so that I could easily swap over / bolt on the turbo tail and keep my original engine lid too in case I ever sold the car - so no holes need to be drilled into your original engine lid to mount this turbo tail - it can be bolted straight to your engine lid hinges - takes a few minutes to do.

The part number for the genuine Porsche factory rubber lip is
93051202100. A new factory lip on it's own is US$923 (Australian $1192) plus shipping from the US. See ... https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/93051202100.htm

Automotion sells their 930 fibreglass tail base for US$356 (
Australian $460) - see ... https://www.automotion.com/turbo-tail-fiberglass-base-only-for-911-912-porsche-1965-1976.html

I paid Australian $350 for the used factory steel engine lid.

So replacement cost on these parts would be approx Australian $2000 plus shipping from the US.

I am asking Australian $1200 for the lot which saves you more than $800 off cost.
I'm open to sensible offers on it - it is a quality tail with factory rubber and a factory engine lid.

I am happy to ship to anywhere in Australia or the item can be picked up from Sydney. If I am shipping to you, I will bill the freight at cost.

More photos below ...











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