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Pagid Brake Pads to swap or sell

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Last year, when I was battling with my brake setup, I assumed that I had 996 brakes on the rear to match the fronts. I was wrong.  Turned out I have 993 brakes on the rear ( plus a host others as it turns out ). So my proposal is a swap, if anyone has or buys a set 993 pads and we just swap or just buys my 996 pads. (Still the box).  So if anyone wants to trade or buy my pads, let me know and we will work something out.

As you can see, the part number fit a variety of Porsches. I must thank JustJames at Autohaus Hamilton for the information..

99635294903 :


996 Carrera FRONT

996 Carrera 4 (not S) FRONT

996 Carrera 4S REAR

996 Turbo Rear

Cross Ref to  996 352 948 90 ('04-'05 GT3, '02-'05 GT2 & Turbo Rear)


99335193901 (993 Turbo Rear)

993 C/C4/CS Front (not C4S front)

993 C4S Rear

928 Front from part way '86 to 1991

944 variants to 1988 with M030, Front

944 Turbo 1989, Front

968 M030 (CS) Front


Cheers all

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