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My first Porsche 911 991

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Hi Guys


I'm new here, just recently purchase my first Porsche 911 991 and very excited. The car is on the way up to QLD and I'm sorting few things out. 

Just like to ask few questions from expert here, thanks in advance. 


1) Anyone here has issues with they 991 ?  what are the common issues? 

2) Which insurance company do most people insure 991 through? atm I'm looking at MB Prestige 

3)The car still have extended warranty until 2021 March,  Do expert recommend service through dealership or other mech that are qualifier doing high end cars, usually a lot cheaper and warranty still valid. 

4) The previous owner has scotch film wrapped all over the car, the film has 5 year warranty and it was done in 2016, some area the film look like it has been stretch and around the window look like it will peel soon. Just wondering if anyone has film done on they car and what do they recommend I do? take all the films out ?  I think i can get it replace for free or have money back (Says on the warranty card) does it damage the paint taking the film off? 

5) Anyone use 911 as daily car? I'm worrying that I clock too much Km on my 911. I'm thinking about buying a cheap daily car 4-6k and drive that to work instead of clocking up too much KM on my car,  I usually do 15,000km per year on my daily car. What do people do to solve this issue? 


Thanks heaps 













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Congrats mate!

Just drive it and enjoy it! How much fun can you have in a $6k car!

Driving it to work will give you at least 2 separate periods of enjoyment every day, and will cheer you up if you’ve had a shitty day at work.

In all reality, in perfect nick with low kms, it’ll drop say $50k in value while You own it  (for x no of years). Say you’d racked up 50,000kms in that time it might drop $60k. Just drive it and use it, that will actually make the value it will drop anyway worthwhile! (I hope that makes sense and you get what I’m trying to say)


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