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Official Current Rules, Guidelines & Etiquette

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Due to the splitting of Events from the SMTs subforum, it has been pointed out to us that it would be a good idea to the the rules/guidelines posts featured and stickied in the events area as well.

Below you'll find, in full, Russ & Kerry's posts detailing the Code of Conduct for PFA members while they're out at PFA Events.

There has been no edit to these two posts so there should be nothing that will surprise you, but for the people that haven't had the chance to check out these posts, please read and abide by these two posts in the events to come.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, either here on the PFA, or by email, and I will do my best to help and explain any confusions.

Russ said:

As you may have noticed recently there has been some moderation on some threads within this section. In an effort to clarify the rules regarding 'Sunday Morning Targa' events organised through Porsche Forum Australia, below are some rules in addition to the SMT guidelines:

  • Porsche cars ONLY, If you want to organise a drive with other makes do so via e-mail or the 100's of other motoring forums out there.
  • Drive within your limits, and the limits of your surroundings.
  • There is to be no GoPro or other forms of video footage recorded on these events.

There are no exceptions to the above rules, so don't post in threads asking otherwise.

These rules are for everybody and are to improve the enjoyment and safety of the events and forums. Please post SMT's as much as you'd like but please keep in mind the guidelines and above rules. If you have any questions on the above points please contact me via PM.


Kerry said:

PFA SMT Guidelines and Etiquette:
Following a series of PFA publicly posted threads, as well as many PM conversations, as well as a carpark get-together a few weeks ago, I'd like to put forward an agreement of guidelines and etiquette for future SMTs based on these discussions.
Firstly, it must be stated that there is an implicit expectation that when taking part in any PFA organised drives, that all PFA members abide by all road rules relevant to their state including limits of alcohol, speed, and general safety.
More specifically to our forum however are the following points which have been raised by members as issues of concern:
1. Video.
Probably the biggest single concern from our membership is the proliferation of miniature video cameras (GoPro etc) attached to cars on recent SMT runs. Some of our members are quite happy to have their car included in fellow members video exploits, however the overwhelming majority of communications that we have recieved suggest the opposite, and at best consider the recording to be an unwelcome surveillance, and at worst, an invasion of privacy. The fact that these cameras are more often than not pointing out through the front windscreen, or externally attached, also pointing away from the host car, means that the videographer is predominantly capturing images of other cars whether they like it or not.
As many of you are aware I'm sure, current state and federal laws go out of their way to ensure the privacy of the individual, and although I'm not sure that any of these laws apply directly to this situation, it is the tenor of these restrictions that we would seek to employ as our own guidelines for video capture.
Our request is that no video capture is made at, or distributed online of, our SMT runs.
It should be said that almost everyone involved in this discussion was eager to have video shot of their cars, but in the environment that was felt appropriate, on the track. 
It should also be noted that some members were eager to organise a drive that sat outside of any PFA umbrella event in order to orchestrate such a video opportunity for like-minded enthusiasts. It has been stressed however that these are not organised under the banner of the PFA.
2. Other Marques?
When we first began our SMT drives, our numbers were relatively few. Over this last season of runs we've been buoyed by the numbers of cars, so much so that we've had to resort to sending groups of cars out at 10 minute intervals in order not to end up with a very slow "conga-line" of cars. It was also our rationale in the early days that "the more the merrier" and that everyone was welcome, after all, we're all Pcar nuts, but few of us are exclusive in our taste.
At a recent SMT, one of our leaders found himself leading a group of 8 cars, and his was the only Porsche! As he pointed out, and as been pointed out on many other occasions, different performance cars have different driving potentials, and where a stinky V8, or even a V12 might enjoy stellar straight line grunt, certain other cars are built to travel swiftly between apexs on a twisty section of tarmac! As such a hybrid of marques often means a disjointed and less than fluid journey between points A and B. 
(Also pointed out by many a participating member with excuses for stating the obvious: its a PORSCHE FORUM!)
For this reason, we are restricting SMTs solely to Porsches, and preferably to those who are members of the PFA, and who have dutifully had an opportunity to read and understand these very guidelines! I have always thought that an SMT was a great way to introduce a potential member to the social side of our forum, however we would request that anyone inviting a friend (and their Porsche!) along as an introduction, that they also insist on these guidelines being read.
The obvious exclusion from this would be the SMTs held in those states where numbers on runs are few, and desire to make up the numbers, as we did here in Victoria. I have no interest in promoting that guidelines be upheld where there is no necessity for them. This particular decision is made for the benefit of Victorian PFA member's driving experience and satisfaction, rather than marque snobbery.
3. The "Concertina Effect".
As anyone involved in any of our SMTs would have observed, we seek out stretches of road where we are able to drive our cars enthusiastically, however within the designated speed limits. Not infrequently we happen upon another vehicle in front of the peloton which chooses to transverse at a far lesser Sunday morning speed. There has developed a strategy of pulling over to the side and slowing to a halt, taking in the early morning country air, then after the slower car has advanced a suitable distance, continuing on the drive unhindered by the farmer's ute, truck full of chickens, or English car club contingent.
The driver in the lead might pick a spot to slow to a halt, then the second driver responds, and the third, etc, but by the time this message gets back to the fourth or eighth driver who has just arrived around a bend to find many of his comrades parked in front of him... negative cardiac potentials abound!
It is requested that this "concertina" strategy only be deployed where enough straight road is available for all cars to have ample space to observe and comply.
4. Passing
As diverse as our cars are, so are our driving styles.
At the start of most of our SMTs, an order is usually formed by those that are insistent about being toward the head, and those who are happy to leave the carpark last, content to form the tail. For the body of drivers in the middle however, there can often be a "settling in" period where the level of enthusiasm is more fluid.
As a result, another issue which has been brought to our attention is the issue of passing etiquette whilst in formation. Many of our members, myself included, have felt it to be too much of a provocative action to "flash" the driver ahead who we might feel is driving slower than you, and you desire to pass.
Going forward, we will announce at the first briefing of the morning that the flashing of headlights to be hence-forth considered an action of common etiquette, and as such understood to be a respectful request to pass.
We trust that this will be taken in the nature that it is intended, and that this should promote a more involved and rewarding drive, conducive to the individuals driving style and talents.
These SMT driving guidelines and etiquette are not set in stone, however I am wary of opening this up to public workshopping. Any comments and suggestions are welcome, however we'd prefer them to be sent to me and/or the moderators as a PM for limited discussion.
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