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Contemporary Transcontinental 356 rallying


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Try beating this accomplishment!

"For two and a half years Rene Brinkerhoff and his Valkyrie Racing team intend to make history by competing with an iconic 356A Coupé on seven continents, including Antarctica. To date, they have already completed two races: the first of them in North America, in the Pan-American Race (October 13 to 19, 2017), where they occupied the first place in the 'Sport Minor' category. The second was in Australia, at the Targa Tasmania rally, where he was placed in the top 20 of his class, which earned him a Targa Plate.

The following races are: 
• Caminos del Inca Grand Prix, October 20 to 28, 2018  (completed)
• Beijing-Paris Rally, from June 2 to July 7, 2019 
• Classic East African Safari, from November 28 to December 6 of 2019 
• Antarctic Ice 356, by the end of 2020"


"the pilot mentioned that she chose to make this journey in a Porsche 356 because it is a vehicle that challenges the driver, given that it does not have modern technologies that can correct pilot errors.

"The 356 allows you to feel the raw driving experience and its performance depends on the good handling of the driver," said Brinkerhoff. "It does not count on aid, like for example the Porsche Stability Managment, to which we referred to as a joke like the Please Save Me (please save me)."

For Antarctica, the car will be transformed to drive in extreme weather conditions and in very difficult ice terrain. "The vehicle will have an ecological development. We will use solar energy and biofuel to power the car, "said Brinkerhoff. "

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