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Daniel Guthrie

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Just had some work done on my engine (356A 1957 T1)and replaced the clutch. Now the return from reverse gear to neutral doesn't have that familiar clunk to it indicating it's now in neutral. Gear selection seems a bit off as well, as in first gear should be straight up, but it's just a bit out of whack. Any ideas what may be causing the misalignment of gear selection? It's going back in to be looked at but in the meantime I thought I'd just ask to see if there maybe something my mechanic is missing. Thank you in anticipation.

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Hi Daniel,

Most likely the linkage at the end of the tunnel. Pre-As and early As had a fairly crude and complicated linkage

Took me a while to refit mine on a Pre A and even longer to get it right

Do you have this type of linkage?


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Hello rafikdous, and thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure what linkage it has, it's currently up on the hoist, but I took a couple of photo's during it's preservation. It looks to be the same one in the You Tube video you supplied. If it is, could you please confirm? I've just had a chat with my mechanic but anything you could offer advice wise for him to make the necessary adjustments would be very much appreciated. Thanks again for your reply. 1452304350_Linkage3.thumb.jpg.815fc2293af1804cd0ad0a10655f385c.jpg

I've also seen this video and wondered if it's the same linkage. 


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