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Price Valuation on 2004 Boxster with 54,000Kms

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Hi Im new to this forum and new to Porsches. Have owned 8 Alfa Romeos previously but now want to get into a Porsche.

So was wondering what peoples opinions are on the price of this 2004 Boxster with only 54,000Kms on it?


I am going to test drive it to see what its like.

What do people think is the price range from the very lowest dealer trade in price to a realistic market price in private sale ?

I have noticed its been there for a few weeks maybe few months ? I called the guy and he said it drives like brand new and gets it services by a "Euro Car Specialist" Also said people offered him low ball money which he didnt take.

I am concerned hes got cheap "Toyo" tyres on it. 

Thanks for your advice. Cheers



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It's closer to 20 than 25 IMO

He's probably holding the klms as a wild card and i believe it is enough to stay at 20 or so especially if the service history is good.

You want to buy the better one. Some of the boxsters have been neglected by now.

Some here have made recent purchases and will have a better idea.


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Ok thanks. Is it worth buying then ?

I drove another Boxster previously it had 80ks on it and it was not a good car. Dealer was asking 18K for it. I would have given him 10K

I guess only way to tell is to drive it.

So $20K then Ill offer if I like it ? What about walk away price $20K as well ?

I would like to get a Boxster S but cant find any good ones 

1 hour ago, Gsaps said:

A 986 and not an S for that price... can’t see why when you can get a 987 for not a lot more 


(and I don’t think the mileage is a big enough plus)

Ok I see what you mean. Heres a good example. I realise the same with Alfas. The V6 Alfa GTV is almost the same price as the 2 Litre but almost twice the car in performance.


Is this car worth about $20K also ?!

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