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There's been a couple of changes since the last post.Owing to my Panel Beater's medical situation,the car was moved to Vintique in Cheltenham about 3 weeks ago and we've seen some fantastic progress. Supplied by Patrick Motorsports in the US,the missing cross member has been fitted and all the seat fittings,from Auto Atlanta, have been welded in as well, allowing the seats to be fitted. The firewall has previously been badly damaged in the fitting of a roll cage and luckily Aporschapart had one,so that will be installed soon.We removed the rear window and that's now had a real good cleanup. I sat in the car for the first time since purchase and that was a real buzz too!

Max,the owner of Vintique,is a metal fabricator extroidinaire!! and is invested in the project as well, which is very gratifying.

I have ordered a chassis reinforcement stiffening kit,again form Patrick Motorsports,which should be here about Wednesday,so more progress coming up.

I'll post some photo's soon as well.

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