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996 second hand parts

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Second hand parts unless indicated NEW, I have tried to get the right part number 

Happy to consider a price for the lot.

Taillight Clear LH      99663149500 SOLD   

Taillight Amber RH  99663144402        $15033837127_RHTaillightAmber.jpg.34fb63675f48a4ee6fd3928bb38e1a40.jpg

Taillight Amber LH   99663144302        $ 75 chipped1524078544_LHTaillightAmber.jpg.697c03c0653c2e26fbdfa11aa93ec63b.jpg1852794801_LHTaillightdamage.jpg.e017d0877037c34465a794a115ef3dae.jpg

LH headlight clear    99663106310       $3001206802066_LHheadlight.jpg.4d59735c38d1e319276529f53caaf49e.jpg1693545743_LHheadlightlabel.jpg.b9b4f333c252e862e8c5fba734939bbd.jpg

RH headlight clear    99663106410       $300415707964_RHheadlight.jpg.e48f587681395727526603a2a171d41f.jpg1927286410_RHheadlightlabel.jpg.cf3f8e86cc82df449dd346687369b625.jpg

Mirror switch             99661324100       $50366917357_MirrorSwitch.jpg.917d3093679a11ed2e8faf31274f8c97.jpg

Fuel filter NEW          99611025301 M67      $50   Mahle

Oil Sender NEW        99660620303 M100    $100  Porsche

Durametric               Enth 1 of 3 VIN used SOLD 


LH Taillight Clear.jpg

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