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CIS Bosch K-Jetronic Specialists

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Keen to find out recommendations for workshops capable of reconditioning and adjusting the K-Jetronic fuel systems for our CIS cars.

In particular workshops that perform the works in house as opposed to subletting.

Components for reconditioning would be;

Air-Flow Plate

Throttle Valve

Fuel Metering Head

Warm Up Regulator

Further to this has any one had the modification/upgrade performed to their non-vacuum style(early CIS vehicles) Warm Up Regulator(WUR) to the later style SC vacuum style(rendering the throttle valve obsolete) and making early CIS vehicles more reliable and drivable(better enrichment throughout engine loads as well as better altitude compensation).

I have found Southport Fuel Injection in Tasmania to be fantastic but as I am in Melbourne it would be unfeasible.

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