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81 SC intake boot leaking around clamps


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I've been working my way around the engine checking for those dreaded unmetered air leaks on my CIS system.

I've been using a length of hose in my ear like a stethoscope and i've got hung up on intake boot connections to both the throttle body and the fuel metering unit.  Although, only subtle, I'm convinced I'm getting some unmetered are through both connections.

The boot is brand new and appears to be sitting properly on the engine and clamped in place.  The throttle body has the proper clamp and the fuel metering side has a standard hose clamp - original clamp on order as of tomorrow.


I'm wondering two things:

1) Could I just be hearing the suction from within the boot when the engine is running - Im guessing not

2) Can I run a light smear or Vaseline/grease/sealer to stop this potential air leak?


I really dont know how to seal it, given the boot appears to be on properly and clamped




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