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G"day and a quick question


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Hi All!!!

Just wanted to introduce myself and pick your brains.....

I just moved back to Aus from Singapore and I lashed out and purchased my first Porsche; its a 996 C4. Pretty excited!!!

I have had the car for a few months and I am having an re-occurring alignment issue.

Thinking of taking it directly to Porsche but was wondering if anyone could recommend a steering specialist around the Inner West......

Many thanks.

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Hi, Welcome to the Forum and congrats on the car, a very good choice although being a Porsche fanatic if it has the Porsche emblem there isnt a bad choice i dont think.... :D

Not sure about who in Sydney can help although I do recall a place called Bob Whyms I think. Dont know them personally so cannot give an opinion but might be worth a try or someone else on the forum might have a better idea.

Hope it gets sorted for you and lets us know how you go.

Cheers for now


Ps dont forget to post a pic of your car in the gallery so we can see it.

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