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White 996 - Tip / Cab . EOI - Rare white - Fully Sorted

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1998 All original ( except new mufflers installed May23 - Topgear Mild Sports ) - KMS 101,000.

Full history. NSW Rego until 10/23. Brand new SP2 OEM- IMS/RMS/Roof. Price - $EOI. Please see below.

The positive + It's just had $11k spent this month on IMS Solution, RMS, Oil Separator and other things done when the engine was out. Completed at Autohaus Hamilton (May23). Even better news - A new roof was installed in November by Autohaus ($17K) Comes with warranty and piece of mind. All up, I have spent over $35K to make the car ready for low maintenance as possible hence the strong asking. 

Still to be done to make it showroom - Can't get the key-fobs to work. Both of them work in the door but no remote locking. Alarm, central locking all works fine. Leather driver seat just needs fixed at the bolster either replace the leather or dye it. I have fixed up everything else even the vanity mirrors are all working 100% with no lose lids. Wheels are 17inch with new OEM spec'd tyres. Comes with original white hardtop with stand. 

No real urgency to sell it but will take a responsible offer. Happy to get it out the garage every week for a drive and enjoy it.

I haven't seen a white 996 for a while especially in this condition. I feel this colour makes the car looking amazing and still young. 







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