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1984 S2 euro and 1983 euro S Engine comparison

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Just trying to ascertain the differences between the two engines

I have purchased a 1983 euro s 300hp engine as a spare for my 84 S2 310hp engine and apart from the intake and fuel system am wondering what the differences are if any, mainly regarding the pistons and heads. I know the cams are different and the 84 has a bit higher compression. Trying to work out if it is worth updating pistons, heads and cams on the spare engine and if I would really notice any difference. I am planing on putting in the 83 engine using the 84 intake and fuel system and then reconditioning the 84. I am aware I will have to make provision for the flywheel sensor by drilling. Also thinking of just swapping over the cams as that's pretty quick and easy to do.


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