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Hot start issue.


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Hey all,

Just looking for some thoughts on a recent development with my 1977 3.0 Carrera

it seems to be a common enough issue but i am getting mixed reports about the cause.

She sounds like she is flooded when I try and start her after driving and parking her for 20+ min.

If I get her ward, then switch off, and back on in 5min or so it is fine, but leaver her for 20 or more and she will not fire until she is cold.

At first I thought it was a temp issue, i.e between 80 - 100 no start, but now I think it is a time thing... sometimes when she finally kicks over she coughs and splutters like each of the 6 cylinders are waking up one by one.....

When she is cold she starts without an issue.

Since the middle of 08 she has had new injectors and a new Fuel accumulator, the previous owner swears it is a bad earth on the fuel pump relay as he had all the other things replaced chasing this issue....

I hope some of you have had similar symptoms and can point me in the right direction....



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