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1977 911 3.0 rebuild


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OK so after chasing info on line about where to start, and drawing the conclusion that 911 engine rebuilds/mods are like an old family recipe, just not discussed. I’m going to through the question out there and see if I can get some advice.

The goal here is a reliable road car that can be driven daily as well as some occasional track/club fun.

The other goal is not to re-spend the purchase price of the car doing it.

I've had the internal Stock/modified argument and think the below is not too far off for mods.

I’m starting with a 1977 911 3.0 that is as it came from the factory, and so far am thinking.

• Move to PMO or Webber carbs and ditch the CIS system – better response and reliability?

• Port polish

• Drop in a mild cam, nothing too extreme just something with a nice useable range – Any suggestions?

• Remove all the AC gear – Weight, never been used, clean up the engine bay.

• Replace the shift gate with a factory short shift, shift bushes.

• Replace all engine/gearbox mounts.

• Fit APR head studs just to fix that problem.

I just want some advice, good idea, bad idea, try this forget that.

Not sure where to start or who is recommended in Melbourne either.


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I've been going back and forth in my head about my car ... objective is to make it close to a 74 RS 3.0 but there many takes on how original in reproduction to go ... I've been bouncing between fitting a non-vram 3.6 motor (which you can get shipped to your door for under 10k) and just bolting it in vs making a 3.0 twin plug motor. I've been leaning toward the latter, as I have been with other originality items (I'm now looking for turbo trailing arms would you believe :rolleyes: ).

What sort of power figure are you shooting for and what sort of characteristic are you looking at? My mental build list is shaping up something like:

* Start with a big port 3.0 motor, or get a small port motor and have the ports enlarged - only polish your exhaust ports, not the inlets

* Twin plug it - this can be potentially expensive, as you need to have the heads and rocker covers machined accordingly and go to a twin plug distributor and ignition setup. From what I've read this is harder on the 3.0 motor as the crank gear for the alternator is reverse driven on the 3.0 compared to the typical 964/993 donor rotor?

* Higher comp pistons, probably JE, be shooting around 10.5-11:1 most likely

* Cam wise, probably go a bit aggressive, maybe GE60? Otherwise GE40 or 964 cams are reported to be good in the 2.7/3.0 motors. 964 cams are reportedly the most aggressive you can use if you stick with the standard CIS spec pistons

* 46mm PMOs or webbers - you can turn 40mm webbers into 46's instead of buying the super expensive / rare webber 46's, though that in itself isn't particularly cheap

* New engine mounts

* LSD centre for my 915

My build plans are taking shape over the next few years though, so there's plenty of procrastination time left :)

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