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997 Digital radio upgrade

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Hi guys,

I have a 997 GT3 touring with the base radio. Does anyone have any experience getting an iphone to plug in through the sound system ?

I need to be able to answer calls at the track....lol.

Tried the search function and came up blank, sorry if the question has been asked. ( previously)



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Hey Roger,

The biggest problem I've had retro-fitting iPhone/iPods etc to older sound systems via a simple "headphone" auxillery jack (or even a FM radio signal/power charger unit) is that the signal coming out of these "i" devices just isn't very strong, and with a "noisy" car you have to crank the amp up way too loud to even hear them, which in turn distorts and sounds crap!

I'm sure they have a way around it, and don't the newest cars even have an iPhone port?

My experience is that it wasn't as easy as it should have been, and as a result I spend most of my time listening to "talkback" from the back..... ;):)


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Yeah - definately a beast in the form of a 3L aircooled lump of aluminium lurking in the rear boot space, growls when supping on 98RON, will bite mid-corner sending all butt-first into the shrubbery unless appeased within micro-seconds.

Too much arabica & time on my hands - can you tell? Should be workin'.


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Meanwhile, back at the ranch Coffeeboy... ;)

Radio iPhone access in the GT3...

Are you planning to chat with shewhoshallbe at the track, whilst on the track, if so that might require an intercom (which every 911 should have anyway!: )), however, for just music I don't know of a better way than to use one of those FM radio/power charger "plug and play" things - which are also a bit annoying in their untidiness. I've actually had 2 different auto electricians install headphone jack inputs into the existing stereos, both with the afore-mentioned low volume results... and before you ask, low volume BELOW what you would expect to be heard above the also afore-mentioned "racket from the rear!"

I would be very happy to be told otherwise, these are just the humble mutterings of the electrically uninspired... B)

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