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WTB Ruf Wheels to suit 930


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Try this link on ebay. These wheels have been on sale for at least a year; the seller has them on consignment for a friend or customer of his.

i tried to buy them a while ago but he wasnt willing to move on the price. Try your luck things might have changed by now.

If you have problems finding the link let me know.




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Hi Kerry,

I know, its a bit rich isnt it? I suspect thats why they have been on sale for over a year.

The frustrating part is that for turbo, or turbo body cars of that era which run 16" wheels is the lack of tyre choice. Most of the "good" tyre manufacturers and not making tyres in these sizes anymore.

I love the RUF wheels, they are a period wheel for these cars and they would be the only other wheel id like to put on my car in 17".

I suspect at the time i need my next set of tyres i will be faced with the prospect of having to buy new wheels as well.

I have found a few places that make replica Fuchs in 17" but havent really explored the cost yet.

The joys of ownership hey!



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Came across a set of Ruf wheels on a Black Speedster (looked to be seriously damaged) in the front window of a repair shop. To my surprise the car was going to be repaired and the wheels where not for sale.

Anyway I am still looking!!!

(I have a set of early 930 fuchs with new tyres if anyone is interested in a trade)

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