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M&K or Dansk with SSI's


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OK so Frosch is in the shop,getting her 77 3.0 rebuilt, she will come out stock but am fitting a pair of SSi's after hearing nothing but good reports..... a fair amount of good reports I should say.

My question is about mufflers; I'm looking to go stainless, but I'm torn between two camps,

Dansk 2 in 1 out, sport 70mm. I've heard good things, seem a few of you have taken this option, looks the part, does the job.

M&K 2 in 1 out, so i've not heard much locally about these, but OS reports seem to be quite good.

I thought I'd ask the PF panel of experts for some more advice/thoughts. I guess it could appear I'm rebuilding Frosch by public/peer opinion. not exactly the case just doing my homework before I bite the stainless bullet.

Cheers guys, hope to get back to a SMT when she is back on the road.


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