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New Car, Service and Price help! Thanks

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Hi Guys i am new here so please forgive me if i as dumb questions lol

my car is a Boxter S

1. I am looking for some where to service my car besides porsche dealers, anyone with any recommendations? iam in SYDNEY metro. like someone that specialise in porsche use same machine ect, but cheaper then porsche dealers.

2. what is the recomended serveic time by porsche? i know it's 1 year or how many Km's?

3. my car is a Boxter S 987 6sp Man 20/12/2005 black on black with sat nav and 19" wheels done 63000 Km with 3yr (national warranty company) waranty i pay $67500 for it, did i get a good buy?

4. is there any data base i can check if my car ever had any accident?

Thank you

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