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993, or 996?

Stanley James

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  • 3 months later...

am beginning to research 993 and later cars, having owned earlier 911 models in the 70s/80s.

Any thoughts on “collector” status of 993, 996 etc?


Sorry if this guidance has come too late. Only just really getting into thus Forum.

Firstly let me say that this always should be a personal decision, heaven forbid we don't all like the same cars (or women!). However, having said that the 996 lacked a degree of popularity, mainly due to it's lack of traditional look with headlights. 993 was last of the air-cooled and is a fantastic ride. I have a 993 & 997. The 993 you have to drive, very differen to the 996 & 997 which are much easier cars to drive, part of Porsches drive to appeal to the masses. Also the early 996 cars had a few engine problems. My 993 has done 70km much at competition speed without any major issue, so am a strong supporter. Also was the end of th development phase with both motor and gearbox following many years of development. Not that any car is bulletproof, but the 993 comes close.

Happy hunting and enjoy.


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