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My C3, without warning suddenly started running very rough & popping & backfiring (webers fitted). Sounded like a Subaru WRX with large exhaust very "thrummy" at low revs.

Thanks to a call to my mechanic who correctly diagnosed the fault, but my ignorance missed the vital bit of info. Also thanks to Mark Poole who was also helpful & put my mind at rest that the engine would be fine (Mark fully rebuilt this engine to 3.2 short stroke spec).

The problem was a blocked idle jet, probably some crud or other in the fuel. I did as I was told and blew out the jet through the 2 side holes not realising that the piece with the holes pulls away from the threaded section. So I put it back in still the same. I had established which cylinder was "down" so changed the plug & tested, still the same.

Googled Weber & found a page on Pelican that showed the idle jet separated & showing how it was blocked. I removed separated, blew the sh!t out re-installed see pic of offending sh!t. All fixed.

A big school boy error & now I feel a bit stupid, but C3 is back to its flying form.

Unreal that something so small can make such a big difference.

I hope this will be of assistance to someone else.



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