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[QLD] EOI - '57 Beetle Project

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an EOI on behalf of my old man, this is one of the projects he was meaning to get around to but it's looking like he's not going to.

It's a 1957 oval beetle resprayed in fluro yellow (close to the diahatsu colour of the early 90s) It's very bright. Was resprayed about 15 years ago but has been in covered storage since. Was the most detailed process at the time - we went through another shell before we got to this one (the first one was dipped and there wasn't much left so we moved onto this one)

This one was dipped, bodywork completed, dipped for rust prevention, primed then painted (alot) it has a stupid amount of clear on it. It's an early paint so not sure how UV protected it is, but it's been undercover since it was done and is still very bright (like bright enough to reflect your face in yellow if you stand next to it) paint and prep was done by John Smith in Singleton, NSW.

It'll come with a 1976 floorpan - the reason you want this is it's the 'best' beetle floorpan - IRS rear, torsion bar front, disc brake front with single sideplate gearbox. The pan needs some work but will come with new floorpan halves (to weld in to replace the old ones)

this will suit someone looking for a project, and i'd definately recommend having a look at it if you're interested. can provide pictures on request. The car is in the darling downs between Warwick and Toowoomba, anyone interested could probably tie it in with going to look at the drags in september.

he was doing this up as a keeper and no expense was spared, when it was done it cost alot more than he's looking for now (not taking into consideration early VW values now) 

offers around $10k, other bits and peices available on request - send me a pm if interested (not keen to seperate as it'd be pointless putting the body back on an early floorpan)

It's basically a shell with doors, guards, bonnet, engine lid and a floor pan (which includes brakes, front end, gearbox)


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Hi Russ

currently have a super beetle and Kombi and looking for a earlier beetle project

interested in finding out a bit more on the 1957 beetle, is it complete. Engine size condition 

I'm located in Toowoomba 

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