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Wheel Fitment Question


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I am currently running stock Carrera Classic Rims on my black on black heart attack MY02 Carrera Coupe (MK 2 Aero) and I'm running this 5 stud setup:

8x18 ET 50 fronts (225/40 ZR18 Tyres)

10x18 ET 65 rears (285/30 ZR18 Tyres)
I would like to run this 5 stud setup but they are a one off availability:
8x18 ET 50 fronts
11x18 ET 45 rears
Will I need a spacer to fit rears? Or no chance to fit regardless? Or better yet.. Can I get them to fit?
Anybody good with wheels on Porsches able to contribute? 
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This is discussed at length on this link in the US forum, seems it might fit just if you roll your fenders and or adjust camber


This site will give you the additional amount they stick out and you could measure fitment on your car


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