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911 Gauges For Sale

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I have three gauges for sale to suit impact-bumper 911s.


911 Fuel Tank & Oil Level Gauge (911 641 202 03) - Front and Back



911 Oil Temperature & Pressure Gauge (911 641 103 05) - Front and Back



911 Tacho (911 641 301 06) - Front and Back



I can confirm the first two gauges are in working order (tested with my power supply), but I have no idea about the Tacho, which suits a 3.2.

There seem to be only 3 pins on the back of the Tacho gauge, I'm not sure if that's right.  Lots of empty slots.

Re: Prices, please do your research (I have) - I see some similar models on Ebay and elsewhere.  I am open to reasonable offers, I'm not that greedy! :)

If the Tacho is working, that could be a nice bargain for someone as they seem to be very expensive when new.   But it might need a repair, or be only useful for parts.

I have a pack and send near by, so that is my preferred method of delivery (they are good and reliable) if it can't be picked up.  I'm in the South-Eastern suburbs area of Melbourne.



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