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SOLD - IPD Plenum for 996 997 986 987

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Upgraded intake Plenum for increased horsepower


I've had this on my 997 C2S for about 3000km (before replacing it with the competition TB and Plenum).

From IPD:

The IPD Plenums are a unique design that dramatically increases horsepower and torque by optimizing air flow efficiency. Air flow is managed through a diversion splitter that maximizes air speed into the engine. The charged intake air maintains a higher velocity by replacing the factory plastic “T” intake with a stronger and more efficient cast aluminum “Y” design.

This unique “Y” style plenum optimizes flow, improving acceleration and boost response. The new IPD replacement plenum eliminates the turbulent air flow by smoothly splitting and diverting the air flow and directing it towards the cylinders at a much higher air speed. This simple bolt-on plenum upgrade provides dyno proven increases in both power and torque throughout the entire rev range. A direct fit, no modifications required for fitment.

Carrera - 3.6 liter - 24 HP/22 ft tq
Carrera S - 3.8 liter - 28 HP/26 ft tq

Can be easily installed (takes about 15mins) - see their instructions here: http://www.ipdplenums.com/images/stories/Installation_Guides/997.1_Installation_Guide_Final.pdf

(this is an ideal upgrade with a larger throttle body - see other advert for my 76mm tb from a 997 C2S (3.8l) - the bolts and single plug are all the same)

Happy to ship Australia wide.

It costs USD$795 new. (more than AUD$1000 shipped). 

Selling for AUD $400






SOLD - 30 May '16

thanks to everyone who messaged me about the product. It seems there was a lot of interest, but uncertainty on fitment and compatibility. Although I didn't run a dyno, I can honestly say that my times at SMP and wakefield have dropped without the plenum and I can "feel" there is not so much in the top end. So if you are considering a plenum, then I would say do it!


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Just an update, especially to the people who have PM'd me...

1) if you have a 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 your OEM TB mountings will be the same (better still, buy the bigger 76mm TB I have for sale). If you have another engine  (like a 2.7/2.9/3.2) then you may need silicon reduction couplings (cheap) to connect to your plenum and you will need the 76 or 74mm TB. If you want to be sure, measure the distance of the 4 bolts holding the TB and the diameter of the induction pipe.

2) For those who are concerned with installation - at most it's a 30 min job. 4 bolts and the hose/pipe clamps. I can do it in about 15mins.

3) Although I cant make any guarantees on warranty - I have two IPD plenums (on a 986 and a 997) and Porsche Centre Sydney and Willougby have no problems with them being installed. After all, they are only to do with the air intake - not to do with fuel/ exhaust/ ecu etc.

4) Power gains - well, there is a lot written about this. Google is your friend.

Hope this helps.

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