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Targa Glass - any guru's?


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Hey team. I have been restoring my '78 targa. I am super excited but I have a problem... I can't gat anybody to put back the rear glass screen. Had 2 'auto glass specialists' and they could not do it!!! Then tried O'Brien, NRMA glass, and Ralph Moore (classic auto glass)... Those last three said nope can't do the rear targa window - too hard apparently! 

I can't believe it could be so hard... So does anybody know who could do the job? I have OE seals which are new, and a bonus if he can do it on Sat (but will take any other day if not)!

thanks for any info

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A year or so ago, I had some repair done to the back of my '77 Targa at Exclusive Bodywerks http://www.exclusivebodywerks.com.au/ at Granville.

They took out the back window and put it back so maybe they are an option.

When I restored the Targa back in 2006, O'Briens at Seven Hills came and put my back window in originally. Took two guys quite a long time.

Goo dluck.



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