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930 turbo mechanical problems

vl gra

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Hey guys,

Seeing if anyone has any ideas on what could be wrong with my 930.

Bit of background: I bought the car in question 2 months ago. Car was going fine up until I went on the last SMT where it broke down.

Symptom's were going up hill under load but fairly low revs power cuts out. Pull over, put it in neutral and rev it and it cleaned up. Fifteen minutes down the road cuts out completely and won't run. Had to get it towed home.

Sent it to my mechanic mate where he got it going by replacing the fuel relays. Brings it back and says all good. Next night I take it home from work and it feels like it is spluttering under load between 2000 and 3000 revs, then cleans up through the later part of the rev range. Next morning took it for a small test drive and it is missing badly and pouring black smoke out the lh side exhaust pipe.

My mate suggests replacing the acumalator. So I while I was getting parts from Pelican Parts I thought may as well replace both fuel pumps as well while I was at it.

I have changed all those parts and no different.

While I had it up on the hoist I noticed the LH header where it bolts up to the pipe that drops down of the turbo had oil leaking out of it.

By this stage I would imagine the plugs to be fairly rooted but I wouldn't have thought that would be the issue where it is pumping fairly thick black smoke out of the lh side exhaust only.

Any ideas would be appreciated, failing that I think it is time to send of to an experienced Porsche mechanic so I'm blowing money for the sake of it.

Thanks Cam

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