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TT brakes and heater vent-Thought I had posted before


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I thought I had asked this before about brakes

This weekend after returning from my Euro trip took the TT out for a run after its 2 months lock down and went around for a little personal safety check , had it up on the hoist etc etc

Found a tiny oil leak and also went through the brakes and checked all the inspection panels etc geabox etc etc

I noticed my front brake rotors and have a 1-2mm lip on the fronts and cant remember the last time I changed them or even what the tollerances are, anyone know?

I will also need some pads soon.. yeah I know they have wear indicators .. just like to get to my stuff in advance.

So my question has anyone played with any non standard brake rotors and pads on a 993 TT.

I have read a lot on Giro Disc floating discs.. anyone tried em..

Would you deviate .. is there a good place to source for a self fit? I have no real issues with them and can just go down the standard path…

I think I just got all my Brembo gear last time direct and had them fitted locally as it was pain to go 1/2 day jaunt to the porsche dealer.

Car is just for road .. although does see some digits with a 2 at the beginning  now and then (Bad I know)

For some reason also the heater that was on on hot seems to have jammed open .. not so good today with a 34 degree day.. , I can here something actuating but have no idea where the flap mechanism may be in the bay.. couldnt see anything underside.. It s probably under that damn intercooler.. thought it might just need a bit of lubrictaion, any pointers..

Doesnt seem like its the servos in the front footwells, I wasnt sure if there was a rear flap?




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So I hear giro disc are the go  and 1000 usd for a pair of fronts .. there is a local distrib .. will see what they come up with on price 

Most people dont seem to be able to hold stock as they are in such high demand .. so thats me brakes potentially sorted

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