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10 week old owns 911 RS


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Been away at the holiday house up north for a nice break in the sun and in a quiet moment (I was banned from looking at the internet if it had anything to do with cars or bikes) I resorted to rifling through magazines that had been left over the years and found an old Classic & Sports car mag from October 2003 which was focusing on 911's ?

 One of the articles that caught my eye was about Autofarm (an old and well regarded English classic car dealer) selling an all original Rhd 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS with less than 40,000 miles to its youngest ever client, 10 week old Freddie. Apparently Freddie will be given the keys to his car on his 25th birthday... Not a bad present but it still a long time to wait till 2028 for young Freddie!

And as for the price paid in 2003, a not inconsiderable estimated £100,000 (which would have been very serious money and which would have also picked up a 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 (Daytona) at the Goodwood auction that was also reported on).

This article got me thinking, not only about Freddie's very nice parents but also confirmed in my mind what has happened to TurboT's lost keys... After all the time and effort jnrTurboT put into supervising dads driving and washing the 930 with bottled Evian water there was no way 'his' 25th birthday present was going to be sold under his watch...

Thinking the keys are now well hidden in the boot of his favourite toy model Porsche which is currently parked safely under his bed!

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So no caveats on Mini Me such as no drug offences, dressing up as a Nazi or other blots on the family coat of arms? 

One Hundred Thysand Pynds was quite a lot of money back then , and would still buy a nice Porsche over there today!

The best of British to the young squit :D

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