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996 GT3 Cup Car rear bumper (carbon composite)


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Greetings fellow PFA'ers,

I've recently been madly hunting for a 996 GT3 Cup Car rear bumper (centre mount exhaust outlet) and have found them to be in short supply, especially locally. As it happens, when it rains it pours and I now have 2, 1 being surplus to my needs so I'm offering it here first. 

It is a genuine carbon composite Cup Car bar however it has been repaired in the past. Since I purchased it I have had the bar further repaired (cracking around edges & fixing holes neatened up) and also professionally painted in factory black to match my GT3. The bar is currently installed on my GT3 and presents fine and the fit is acceptable to me. The only flaw is that on close inspection you can see a slight difference in the shape of the where the sides of the bumper meets the rear wheel arch - 996 bar sort of tapers in but on the passenger side (where it has previously been repaired) its slightly convex as opposed to concave. 

My GT3 is a road car and I'm pretty fussy, if your looking at if for a track car (dedicated Cup Car) you may not be so fussy. I'm just wanting to provide full disclosure. 

Priced accordingly @ $1000.00 (don't forget its carbon!) and happy to freight (at buyers expense). I'll get some pics up shortly, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions in the meantime. 

Cheers, Hugh. 

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