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The BMW addiction that destroyed a mans life

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Good read


I particularly laughed at this bit:

According to Terrance, though, the problem wasn’t just addiction. He also blames aspects of car culture. He says that there’s a wink-wink-nudge-nudge aspect to it, where men don’t disclose everything—like costs—to their families. And perhaps that’s why he felt so comfortable telling other BMW enthusiasts that all those 2002s in a parking lot in Louisville were, in fact, his.

Hiding cars from his family? Not disclosing costs?  'Let the not guilty one cast the first stone' ^_^ 

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Some people cannot control their addictions , whether they be booze , drugs , women , cars , fags etc

Some people can , and eloquently justify their somewhat expensive hobby. If you need fodder for your own personal overspending on broom brooms , just read this:


Leave a copy in the loo for the wife/gf/husband/bf to browse. She/he might begin to understand , if you have chosen the right model  :)


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