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16 x 9" and 16 x 6" Fuchs (Sold)

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Hi All,

Genuine Fuchs for sale to PFA-ers first, before resorting to Gumtree!;

2 x 16 x 9"

* extremely rare, rare as the proverbial rocking horse poo!

* some gutter rash but otherwise great condition

* date stamped 4 88

* suit a 930, widebody or fit under the rear of a standard G-series for the Hotrod build!

Price: SOLD

photo IMG_0047_zpssc7xi8to.jpg

photo IMG_0046_zps29vw82vf.jpg

photo IMG_0045_zpsmtmvjped.jpg

photo IMG_0050_zps8mxwc0ew.jpg

photo IMG_0054_zps9k4oyb3l.jpg


2x 16 x 6"

* No gutter rash

* Date stamped 5 88

Price drop- $SOLD

photo IMG_0038_zpsi9ehgzfv.jpg

photo IMG_0044_zpsvrkidbb0.jpg

photo IMG_0043_zpsrph1uomc.jpg

photo IMG_0039_zpsgfpze8k4.jpg



PM or 0400616427




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