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FS: Swepco 201, gear oil pump, grease gun, grease, PB Blaster

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Alright, this is the last of the stuff in the garage. I really want this stuff gone so going to make it irresistible... :-) For the bargain price of $100, you will get:

- 4L of Swepco 201 tranny fluid, in an unopened jug - enough for two changes

- 2L of the same fluid in a half full jug (a 915 case takes about 2L, so this should get you a change on its own). 

- a gear oil pump to fill the case up with said gear oil

- an SCA grease gun 

- a new Swepco 101 grease tube

- 2 new cans of PB Blaster

- a 10 metre extension cord and a couple of power bars

HOLY COW What a bargain!! Get in quick... but you gotta take all of it :-) And ideally this weekend...







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