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MAF Rebuild

Paul Carrera

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I have just got my car on the road after sending off my MAF to the US for a rebuild 

My car an 84 928 was running ok but idled a bit low sometimes cutting out and got around 21 l/100k on my last trip cruising around 100k

i just got back from a trip to the Gold Coast driving just the same and I was pretty impressed that I got just over 11 l/100k, the car idles nicely and generally runs a lot nicer. I thought my fuel gauge was stuck.

it wasn't cheap at around $600 oz all up but it will pay itself off in no time. When they checked it it measured at 100 and the service limit was 40. I don't know what the numbers mean but it was obviously way out so if you have similar issues it might be worth getting yours checked 

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