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First Porsche, 987.2 Boxster S

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Quick introduction. My name is Ross, and I'm new to Porsches and euro cars altogether. For the last five years I've had a Mondeo wagon for work, and an NB MX5 as a weekend car first, then a dual-duty road/track car, now becoming a race car. Here it is:


My wife and I picked up our first Porsche on Friday night. About a month ago we were down at Norwell watching the MX5 club sprints, which happened to feature a couple of Porsche club guests as well. After 5 minutes of watching a 987.1 doing some laps, she decided she didn't want a new Mustang anymore, instead she wanted a Boxster. We began looking around and decided we didn't want anything early enough to risk the IMS issue, it had to be auto as she can't drive manual, and I hate slushbox autos so it needed to be recent enouugh to have PDK.. We found a MY2011 987.2 Boxster S locally, with PDK and 70,000km on the clock. We managed to contact the seller to find out that he was out of the country for a few weeks. We waited, went and had a look when he got back, and agreed to buy it pretty much on the spot. It's been extremely well maintained, and has a few options that we both are very happy to have, namely the sports exhaust with the magic noise button, and the 12 way electric seats. I haven't made use of anything in the Sports Chrono Plus pack yet, but that'll come soon enough...

Between Friday night and Sunday afternoon I did about 850km; 380 heading out to watch the Porsche club sprints at Morgan Park, and another few hundred going over Beechmont, through Canungra to O'Reilly's Plateau, back down and then over the top of Mt Tamborine on the way home. I have to say it's the most comfortable car I've ever owned. Essentially it has everything the MX5 had going for it dialled up to 11, without sacrificing anything at all. Sound, speed and acceleration, balance, comfort, everything.

Here it is somewhere on Beechmont road:



And now with the new plates attached:


I've been trawling the local track calendars and have found a couple of events to run. I will be running half day sprints at Norwell on August 20th, and then on September 11th I will be running the MX5 club sprints at Queensland Raceway. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the MX5. It won't be anywhere close in corners, but brakes should be comparable and power/acceleration will of course be a different animal altogether. 

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Congrats on the addition to the fleet.    987.2 Nice choice..why would you want a big mustank when you can have one of these .

   Welcome also to the forum.  

I have a mate who used to race in the MX5 series over there a few years back. (Jon Hope)    Always competitive and great to watch.

Be interested to hear what you think of the comparison.  

I've had an MX5 in the past and also a 986 Coxster S tipper, I club tracked the MX a couple of times at the island and it was sensational.

But.... I think you might be surprised how good the Coxster corners...

Anyway good luck with the car, I'm sure you and the missus are going to love it... 


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.. I think you might be surprised how good the Coxster corners...


Thanks for the welcome :) I think the boxster is the natural progression from its Japanese smaller cousin, similar ideologies to both cars. Mine will only hit the track occasionally, but it will be great to compare the two. 


I have no doubt it will handle spectacularly, but there's no way it can compete with 300kg lighter, coilovers, aero grip, and most importantly, twin groove race tyres. I chase a 981 Boxster S at QR and Lakeside at club days fairly often, and I have no trouble reeling it in through corners. Granted he may not be pushing as hard as I do, but I still expect to lose out in the corners and more than make up for it anywhere I can use the power. This clip was actually on tyres that are more than a second slower than my current ones:





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