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FS: 2016 Cayman S


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Please consider this my entry for worst "for sale" thread listing....

My 2016 Cayman S is up for sale, if anyone is interested shoot me a PM.  It's not a firesale but also not too keen on taking a bath via a dealer or messing around with randoms off Carsales.  I will be going on public sites in November.  Car is in Melbourne at the moment.

Absolutely awesome car - extremely practical as a second car for the partner or very safe and predicable for the kids.  You really do owe it to them not to subject them to a Corolla or an i30, just get a Cayman, space in the front and the back!  Alternatively, the aircooled guys who need some reliable transport might also be interested :ph34r:

Car has about 12k on it, still being used so no point splitting hairs - it is barely run in.  Booked in for a service in a few weeks.  Mostly driven on Sunday's (in the mountains where the best, clean, air is).

Can provide the full spec to anyone really interested, nothing exceptional, just all the kit you need on one of these - PDK, Sports Chrono, wheels, heated seats (melb car..), Bose. Does NOT have the yobbo exhaust, the money you save you can put towards an aftermarket one!!

Did I mention it was one of the last NA 981 Cayman S in the country?  Go take a 718 for a test drive, I'll meet you at the dealer for a back to back comparison ;)

We can talk about price once you have driven the thing, it will be priced to sell - whatever the market is... running out of space in the garage.  Can you help me?


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