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WTB- parcel shelf panel -fitting baby seats to an sc coupe-

Peter John

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Hi guys before I drill holes in the parcel shelf (correct me if not correct terminology) does anyone have a vinyl cover lying around in average condition?

Mounting to anchor points I'll have to drill holes or lower to directly above, some slots for for strap to come through. Any leads or tips appreciated! 

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I presume you'll want to put your original back in once bubs is no longer in need of the seat?

I have one (non-pleated vinyl) in my SC which would probably do.  I have a new interior which I'll be installing when I can get a Roundtuit (in the middle of a bathroom reno ATM) but can pull the shelf out if it's urgent.  PO put in some holes for some sort of ding-doomer speakers so it's not pristine. 

Can take some photos if you want.  Yours FOC if you can get it to Melb.  Let me know.



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