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What is the thickness of a new 915 clutch friction plate ?


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Hi everyone,

I have a 6 puck brass button friction plate for a 915 transmission which I bought a few years ago and have had stored in my garage.

Am trying to figure out how much wear the friction plate has on it, but I don't know what the original thickness of the friction plate was when new.

The thickness of it measured at the faces of the friction surfaces is 7.53 mm.

Does anyone know what the standard thickness of a new clutch friction plate for a 915 should be ? Would it have been 8.00 mm when new ?

Photos are below.

Thanks in advance !



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Street clutches generally don't have a lot of thickness in the linings, so you could well be around the mark there. I have a brand new in original packaging friction plate for a Dodge sidevalve 6. It's 0.320" thick, +/- a couple of thou in places.

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Thanks for the assistance on this. I have now identified what it is ...

On the friction disk is this ...


... which stands for Fichtel & Sachs.

I looked through a ton of photos online trying to find a photo of the same disk.

The friction disk looks similar in design to this 930 & G50 RSR racing disk ...


... but the disk I have is 225 mm diameter, so the disk I have is for the 915 transmission, not the G50 or 930 transmissions.

It may be a disk that is no longer available - I couldn't find any photos of a disk exactly like mine anywhere online.

I have decided to find a new home for it, with a pressure plate if anyone wants it for a track car ...



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