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Boxter brake upgrade on 85 carrera


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After a recent track day I have noticed my rear calipers are alittle sticky.  Rather than just re building them I thought maybe a boxter brake upgrade might be a better option.  Im after opinions and how much of a job it is to upgrade.

Thanks in advance,


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Remember its the discs that matter and its all heat managment... so putting bigger callipers and pads on may look better but same disc means more heat with bigger pad.

Usually with decent pads and fluid, stock brakes are fine unless big HP and doing serious track work all the time.

Cooling is the biggest gain for relatively low spend, ideally ducted to area & discs centre with hub block off plates, or RS style deflectors are an easy mod

(Having said that if for looks not performance, the side benefit is the Boxster calipiers even though bigger are generally same or little lighter ;)

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